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Your evening at st helens camera club 10.09.18

What a fabulous evening, your presentation and photos were brilliant. Thank you, you have encouraged me to take pics that I like and not what someone else says they should be.

Kindest regards

Jean Malthouse
Jean Malthouse:

Davyhulme Camera Club

Good morning Sue, I was at the club when you gave the talk, I was the one sat at at the back who asked you if you did art. I loved your pictures and I loved your reasons for not doing comps especially what you said about judges. I have been struggling for a while because I too want to take a picture for me NOT for the whim of one person, so thank you for chrystalising my thoughts, David
david killon

A grovel...

Absolutely gobsmackingly beautiful treatment of a lot of things that I too have photographed. The only real difference is that yours is ART and mine are snaps in comparison. Wonderful stuff.


sincere thanks for your visit to Accrington Camera Club. It fell to me to give a vote of thanks after your presentation. My words were hopelessly inadequate when compared to the superb images and powerful music that kept everyone spellbound. Come back soon.

Harry Emmett CPAGB
Vice President
Accrington Camera Club
harry emmett cpagb

Swinton & District Photographic Society

Hello Sue,

This message is to thank you once again for your wonderful presentation to Swinton and District Photographic Society last night. As I said at the close, seldom has it been that our members were so enthralled by a presentation as they were by yours. Great black and white images of fabulous impact, dynamic vision and feeling. So much so that members have contacted me today to express their delight and thanks for the inspiration and motivation your work has given them, and I honestly share that view as well. Not only some fabulous, great images but a narrative and accompanying empathetic choice music to match it was wonderful. We are indebted to you.

Many thanks and best regards,


Keith R. Barber CPAGB, LRPS, FIScT

Hon. Vice President and Treasurer

Swinton and District Photographic Society
Swinton & District Photographic Society

Lancaster Photographic Society

hello sue, we do hope that you had a good week! we will pass on your thanks to the members at tomorrow night's meeting.

we concluded that we had not seen a speaker engaged by so many members at the presentation interval and end. you created a really good vibe in the place on monday evening. well done!!! it was quantity with quality, which is a rare combination and additionally, it came from another club member to whom our own members could comfortably relate.


Reg Haslam
Reg Haslam

Sale Photographic Society

Hi Sue,
Many thanks for visiting us at Sale last evening, I can assure you your presentation went down very well and enjoyed by all, very inspiring!!

It was also an interesting introduction to hear how you got into photography and developed your own style of work.

A few of us usually visit a hotel bar across the road from the church for a swift drink and your presentation and images were the talk of the evening, even I managed to get some praise for booking you!!

Black & white is not an easy subject in my opinion and it takes a good eye to see a picture that works, you presented 500 images or so and to well chosen music to compliment, congratulations to you and your talent!!

On a personal note from me I have the task of booking lectures to fill our annual syllabus, trying to offer a varied calendar to please all, this creates a great challenge as it is with my intention to find someone that can present an evening's entertainment that sends you home feeling enthusiastic about photography and wanting to get out and have a go, you didn't let me down.

Keep up the great work that you do and should you produce another presentation please feel free to contact me, we would love to have you back!!

Best wishes,

John McNally

Just Saw your images on ND Magazine

Very impressed by the wide range of genres you encompass with your monochrome images. Deep blacks and brilliant whites - excellent.
Steve Allworth


Just to let you know that I visited your exhibition today in Cheshire and enjoyed looking at your artwork, on display I was very impressed with the seascape scenes because of the stillness they are my favourite subjects on display there. I like the visualization of the seascapes and framing and the tonal value of the work very well done, picture framing and presentation is very good and I liked your book very well presented all together very well done top marks.
Kind Regards
Arnold Whittle

Your amazing photos

By 'eck lass, how things have moved on from your manual Chinon SLR. I always knew you were good but your pics blew me away. I will go to see your exhibition soon.
Well done you.
Mark B

website exhibition

Cool pics there Sue, have an outstanding weekend and keep shooting!
bill avergo


Hi Sue, well done on getting your new website in place. I'm loving your moody images. Your colour ones are captivating too.
Jason Smalley

Innovative solutions to a sterile world

Hi Sue, very impressed with the website, oozing with deliciously dark images and some truly refreshing ideas. Its about bloody time you showed your talents off to a wider audience!!.
chris whitaker photography

Loving your blog

It's so nice to see all these photos together. I feel like I just walked through an art gallery.
Joanne Thieme Huffman